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Stories of Jewish people we’ve helped make aliyah (emigrate to Israel).

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Benjamin Z from Buenos Aires

Benjamin Z from Buenos Aires

My name is Bejamin and I was born in Buenos Aires in 1958.  I am a descendant of a family of settlers from Russia who arrived in Moises Ville in 1898 with the great migration to the lands of Baron Hirsch.  From that colony almost everyone migrated to Rosario and later...

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Bruno C from Porto Alegre

Bruno C from Porto Alegre

My name is Bruno, I am from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Aliyah for me means to ascend spiritually and also personal evolution. I aim to do become a Rabbi. The difficulties in making aliyah are leaving family, friends and memories, but I have had problems with anti-Semitism...

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Gvantsa and Salome M from Tbilisi

Gvantsa and Salome M from Tbilisi

Gvantsa and Salome are sisters making Aliyah together.  Gvantsa tells their story: “Israel is our dream country and our roots are there.  Not only our ancestors are from Israel, but our parents live there, and we want to be close to them. So, while we are young, we...

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Boris (Baruch) and Natalya M from Odessa

Boris (Baruch) and Natalya M from Odessa

Boris – known as Baruch – and Natalya made Aliyah with their six children – sons Menachem, Efraim, and Shmuel and daughters Rivka, Ester, and Bat Sheva. The couple is well known in the Jewish community in Odessa where Baruch is head of the local synagogue and a...

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Youth Aliyah

Youth Aliyah

Patricia Z, Lea S, Ester Carla, and Leonardo M from Rio de Janeiro. These four young people gained authorization from the Jewish Agency to make their aliyah in June 2020.  They have been waiting to leave since February when they already received the green light from...

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Alena and Evgenii M from Khabarovsk

Alena and Evgenii M from Khabarovsk

Alena and Evgenii came from Khabarovsk in the Russian Far East.  They were making Aliyah along with their son, Alexei.  They are a very interesting, strong family from a village background. Nevertheless, they chose repatriation to Israel. Khabarovsk used to be the...

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