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Ezra International is a Christian non-profit organization that helps Jewish people make aliyah (emigrate to Israel). Through your generous support we are able to help Jewish people make aliyah by providing one-on-one support for Jewish people in their home countries; completing in-depth ancestry research; and procuring necessary immigration documents and financing the emigration journey.

Where We Work

TitleAddress Description
Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

Ezra International

Baku, Azerbaijan

Ezra International

Tbilisi, Georgia

Ezra International

Astana 020000, Kazakhstan

Ezra International

Chisinau, MoldovaEzra International
Moscow, RussiaEzra International
Tashkent, UzbekistanEzra International
Budapest, HungaryEzra International
Warsaw, PolandEzra International
Buenos Aires, ArgentinaEzra International
Brasilia - Federal District, BrazilEzra International
Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, ChileEzra International

Ezra International


Ezra International


Ezra International

Montevideo, Montevideo Department, Uruguay

Ezra International


Ezra International

Jerusalem, IsraelEzra International

Ezra International

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What We Do

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Churches in the countries where we work host events and support Ezra representatives. Christians in other countries pray regularly for doors to open so that the Jewish people can go home to Israel.

Ezra Representatives

Our representatives help Jewish people at each stage of the emigration process, from informing them about their right to live in Israel to documenting Jewish heritage to arranging transportation to the airport.

One-on-One Support

Many families find the process of emigration overwhelming. Ezra team members offer advice, support, and encouragement throughout this stressful time. This support proves invaluable for many returning to Israel. READ MORE

Israeli Consulate

The Consulate gives final approval to Jewish families and individuals wishing to make their home in Israel. The Consulate grants visas after verifying Jewish ancestry*. The consulate sometimes asks Ezra teams to assist those facing difficulties trying to document their Jewish ancestry. *Only in the Former Soviet Union

International Passport

Before receiving their visa to Israel, those we help must purchase international passports for each family member. Ezra covers the cost of these passports-they can be quite expensive for those on a limited income, even up to a month’s salary for a single person.

Transportation to the Airport

Ezra’s teams arrange for transportation to the airport when these “new immigrants” are ready to leave for Israel. Our representatives meet them at train and bus stations, help them with their luggage and make sure they get to the airport and on their flights on time!


In a few special cases, Ezra International pays off debts (mostly utilities) that must be taken care of before families can depart for Israel.


Financial support from our donors makes possible the help we offer to Jewish people in all the countries where we work, from educating them about their right to live in Israel to carrying their bags to the airport on their day of departure-and every step in between.

Jewish Agency

The Jewish Agency works with Jewish communities around the world, offering guidance to those who want to make their homes in Israel. They pay for airplane tickets fo each person making aliyah, the return to Israel, for the first time. Ezra’s representatives come alongside local Jewish Agency teams to meet specific needs of those returning to Israel.

Ancestry Research

A Jewish person can not get an Israeli visa without first proving his or her Jewish ancestry. Our teams locate documents at synagogues, government archives-sometimes thousands of miles away in other countries. This all-important step in the emigration process can take months or even years.

Transportation to Consulate

Ezra’s donors pay for the transportation to and from the Israeli Consulate for visa interviews. The cost of getting and entire family to this important interview where their Israeli visas are granted is often just too high for many families. Assistance from Ezra removes this barrier. Families often have to travel to the Consulate on more than one occasion.

Airplane Ticket

The Jewish Agency pays for airline tickets for each Jewish person moving to Israel. In certain special cases, Ezra International pays for tickets when the Jewish Agency cannot.

Food and Basic Supplies

For needy Jewish families, Ezra International provides food and basic supplies during the months before their departure for Israel.

Support in Israel

After they arrive in Israel, these new Israelis get help from the government’s Ministry of Absorption, from the Jewish Agency, and from other organizations. Ezra’s partners in Israel, including Ministry to Israel and Bridges for Peace, also offer assistance to new immigrants.

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