Rodolfo and Suzanna O from Sao Paulo

Jun 20, 2022 | Brazil

“We are Rodolfo and Suzanna from São Paulo, Brazil.  Aliyah for us means a return to our origins. My children made aliyah and now we also have grandchildren, we intend to be close to them.”

“We had difficulties with bureaucracy and high and hard expenses to get the documents required by the Jewish Agency. It is also difficult to leave friends here, but I hope to work and enjoy this work in a fair and safe way.” 

“We are grateful to Ezra International sponsors for their prompt assistance. In everything they supported us financially and with connections in Israel. They really know a lot about the process, and I felt safer.”

Additional Information from the team:

Rodolfo and Suzanna came to us when their finances ran out. With no options, they turned to the Jewish Agency for help, which referred them to us. There were more documents to be provided. We were able to help them, and once they finished sending them, everything flowed after the interview. They finalized the entire process and fulfilled their requirements.

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