Rafik and Raisa I from Baku

Jun 5, 2022 | Azerbaijan

“Our children would call us and convince us that we should come to them in Israel.  At first, we did not dare to leave and then we said, ‘what do we lose if we go?’  You have to leave while you can.  How do you know what will happen tomorrow?  It is all unknown.  So, we feel we have to go now!  Somehow it is very difficult to leave.  After all we were born and raised here.  We have a lot in common here.  We have lots of friends, family, and memories.  We hope that everything will be okay in Israel just as our children and other relatives have told us!”

“Ezra helped us with advice, with documents – passports and certificates.  They also helped us with transfers and, finally, transport to the Airport.  Thank you very much!  Thank you for your help, for your work, for your attention!  God bless you all!”

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