Denise and Marcelo S from Buenos Aires

May 20, 2022 | Argentina

“We are Denise and Marcelo, along with our son Alex from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Aliyah means finding a better future for our family.”

“Recently my daughter entered the Naale study program and went to live in Israel for 3 years. We believe that she will definitely stay there. My 14 year old son also wants to go to Naale and he will take the exam next May. For this reason, we decided to accompany our children on this new adventure and make Aliyah.”

“It is difficult to leave our parents and friends in this country, but our dreams are that we can live in peace and quiet, and that our children can study and develop in a first class country.”

“We found out about Ezra from friends who made aliyah. Ezra helped us with expenses required, accompaniment, and advice. I would like to say thank you to Ezra’s sponsors, for their great help and also for their support, so we can go to Israel. Thank you very much.”

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