Bukuri Tornike

Oct 5, 2021 | Georgia

“I feel what I do is right. The minimum reason why I’m moving to Israel is my family and little kid. I want to create a successful future for them. I always wanted to go to Israel but was looking for right time and I lacked some documents. When my uncle received a visa, I knew that there was a 99% chance for me to prove my Jewish roots. I decide to move because I know I can exchange hard work into a successful life in Israel. And I want to spend my resources there. Right now, I will go alone without my wife and child, but will come back to take them after 6 months. I worked 4 years for official rescue service (same as 911) and did a lot of work there. I was one of the team members who rescued Ukrainian tourists from snow in the mountains. I had many actual rescues and I’m so happy that I was helping people. But the payment we receive for that work is miserable. And one day I said to myself that it was enough and had to apply my abilities in Israel. And I know I can achieve many things in Israel.”

“I was so lucky that I received a visa from the consul on my birthday and I am sure I can be lucky in Israel too. I am like a bee, working all of the time and I hope the land of Israel can give me back the success.”

“I had no money to translate, notarize, and certify the apostille documents. I really didn’t know where to find the needed amount before my flight. Thank God there was Ezra International and its team who helped me. They checked my documents and after that I started the renewal process. And all my expenses were covered by Ezra in that process. That was massive help to me.”

“I don’t know yet what it will be like to wake up and not see my wife and kid next to me. It will last a long six months minimum, and I feel so sad about that now. I can’t imagine a harder moment than this. Also, my friends, who won’t be next to me there. They have given me so much encouragement.”

“I think words can’t express the emotion I felt when I discovered that Ezra could help me. You made my family happy and the work you did was fantastic. Thank you so much and thanks for everyone who created this work and stands for Jews.”

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