Alan and Dalia R from Buenos Aires

Oct 20, 2021 | Argentina

“We are Alan and Dalia from Buenos Aires, Argentina and we are making aliyah with our small daughter, Tamara. Aliyah is to fulfill a dream that is ours, as well as that of our ancestors who could not fulfill it.  I (Alan) made the decision by talking as a family, seeking information and contacting people who already live in Israel. We were evaluating the pros and cons, until we decided that we definitely want to take risks and fulfill this dream that we have been putting off since (we were) teenagers.”

“In principle, we hope to be able to successfully insert ourselves into Israeli society and the labor market, as well as learn the language, in order to have a strong foundation to develop a full life. We dream that our daughter can have a very good education in a religious, healthy, safe and stable framework.”

“The most difficult thing to leave in this country is undoubtedly uprooting, physically separating from our parents and siblings.”

We found out about Ezra from a friend. Ezra has helped us by showing great willingness and support. I would like to say to Ezra’s sponsors God bless you for such a noble task. We will always be grateful, and we also hope to be at another time ‘on the side that helps’. Thank you!”

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