Souli and Perla M from Sao Paulo

Sep 20, 2021 | Brazil

“My name is Souli, I am from São Paulo, Brazil.  I am making aliyah with my wife Perla. Our connection with Israel goes back a long time, as most of our families live there. We have had a very strong connection with Judaism for a long time and our roots are very strong.”

“It is difficult to leave family and friends, but we also have many family members living in Israel, and since our 3 children have now left home, we accelerated this process. However, the pandemic delayed our plans and this delay used up our resources.  Even getting rid of all our possessions was not enough to cover all the expenses.  We had to borrow some money so survive.  One of the Jewish organisations told us about Ezra International and we contacted them.  Thanks to Ezra’s financial support we were able to pay off our debts and travel in peace to Israel.  We are so grateful for all the support received to realize our dream!”

“Our hopes and dreams are to have a more peaceful life, to be able to enjoy our children and grandchildren, and to be able to finally fulfill the dream of living there.”

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