Leonardo and Sheila made Aliyah along with their daughters Priscila and Caroline.  It is Priscila who shares her story:

“My name is Priscila and I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  I’m making Aliyah with my parents and also my sister, Caroline. Aliyah for me means a life change for something bigger. It has to do with our values and religion.  Zionism means being in the Promised Land! The Messiah will come – and this is already a big step on our part.”

“My soul felt this need to leave.  I am looking for a life for myself and for my family. Unfortunately, I have had some problems with discrimination because of being Jewish. The only thing that is difficult for me in leaving is that part of our family will continue to live here in Brazil. Being in the Promised Land is a great dream coming true!”

“A lady I know who will also make Aliyah told me about Ezra International and gave me their contact details so that we could also get some help.  I’m very grateful to Ezra for the help – for their sensitivity in helping us and for the beautiful work this organisation is doing for our community.”

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