“I live only with my grandmother in Krivoi Rog.  I do not have parents.  I don’t see any prospects for myself here, so I decided to repatriate.  I have many friends who have left for various programs in Israel.  In 2018 I visited Israel on the Taglit program.  I really liked the country, traditions, people and I was eager to make Aliyah. I really want to join the army; I will learn the language and I will find out what are the ways to get there.  I really hope that I will be able to achieve something in Israel.”

“Actually, it’s only thanks to Ezra International that I am able to go.  We had to travel a very difficult path in order for me to repatriate.  The only Jewish document I had was my grandfather’s military card and that was not enough to get a visa.  Then, for almost a year and a half, Ezra and I filed all kinds of search requests.  Ezra gave me the contact details of a good lawyer.  As a matter of fact, my relatives have documents, but they flatly refused to give them to me as we’re not in contact.  I managed to find a couple more documents but still no results.  Thanks to the Ezra team for asking the Consul to be supportive.  After many attempts, I finally got permission to leave! The only difficult for me in leaving is that my grandmother remains here and, unfortunately, she cannot go with me.”

“Thank you very much for everything.  You became like a family to me.”

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