“My name is Smadar and I am from Sao Paulo in Brazil.  I’m a single mother with three teenage children – Hanan 16, Haim 14 and Itai 14.  I have decided to make aliyah because this is what my boys want.  They want to study and live in Israel in the Naale school.  I want to settle there, staying close to them.  Currently, I have no income, but I have a strong desire to provide a bright future for my children in Israel, culturally, religiously and socially.”

“Although it’s difficult to move so far from here – it’s such a long distance from close relatives such as my grandparents and cousins, I want to make aliyah to give my children a better future – something I can’t give them here in Brazil, due to financial problems and social differences.”

“I heard about Ezra through the Jewish Agency in Sao Paulo.  Ezra helped us in fulfilling our dreams and with the financial support we needed at this point in time.  Israel has always been in our dreams.  Now it’s time to make those dreams come true – and that is only possible through the support of Ezra!”

“Thank you, Ezra team!  Thank you very much for saving our lives! Thank you for giving us the opportunity of starting again in the best place in the world for us.  Thank you for helping us return home.  May God bless you and give you twice as much for the good things you have done for us.”

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