Pavel and Tatyana made aliyah along with their children Dmitri and Anastasia.

“The seasons come and go, and along with the approaching season our long-held dream of making aliyah is also approaching!  No-one in our family, which is living in Moldova, has ever been to that small, wonderful country of Israel.  To me it seems strange that Jewish people don’t live in Israel!”

“That thought kept coming to mind when one day I was talking with my Mother and by chance discovered that my grandfather made aliyah, to Eilat, around 1994-95 along with his son, Viktor.  It’s not easy to find out at the age of 38 years, that your roots go deep and far and that you belong to a great nation!  Sadly, our grandfather died in Israel in 2008.”

“Before his death, however, he found our mother, Galya, and managed to forward documents confirming his Jewish roots and family ties with his daughter and his, already grown up, grandchildren.  He was looking forward to meeting us all but, unfortunately, fate took another course.”

“After the Second World War, he could not name his relatives – he did not know them … Of course, during an interview with the consul we had to answer questions related to the past of our grandfather and his family … But we only knew what our mother told us and what we knew from the inheritance grandfather left us – his documents and the dream of meeting … the truth is very late …”

“We decided to go for a consular check with the documents that we did have.  We came through it quite quickly.  Apparently, our grandfather’s prayers were effective, and the documents were enough!  We decided not to put off our decision, handed in the documents to the Passport Office and very soon received our visas.  Sometimes it all seems like a dream!  We have already started our family – we have two children – and with the help of the Jewish Agency began to choose a program for our aliyah.  Apart from the fact that we have Jewish roots, we don’t know anything about that small country which has waited so long and so patiently for us!”

“Along the way to repatriation, we had to overcome many obstacles related to documents – legalisation of them in Moldova, making passports for the whole family etc.  These are quite considerable expenses for our family.  But we were not alone.  The wonderful people of Ezra International – Igor and Alla – walked with us.  We repeatedly called them.  They were really interested in our situation, especially because we had two children and a spouse on maternity leave to care for the youngest.  Thank you that with God’s help and the help of Ezra and their wonderful coordinators we will finally fly out to Israel!!”

“We are a young family.  We are flying out to a town that is growing and is called Nazareth Ilit.  They are waiting for us.  They will even meet us at the airport.  Thank you very much, Igor and Alla, for your part in our future.  We will always remember you and hope to meet again in Israel!”

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