Ezra France helped Maxim and Natalie, along with 9 of their children, to make aliyah!  Maxim tells a little of their story.

“Making aliyah is important to us because it is part of the process of spiritual elevation by connection to the Holy Land. The decision to make aliyah is a little irrational, but we feel manipulated by Providence!  We are hoping for the coming of the Messiah for the good of humanity – that is for those who behave like humans. We did not suffer from anti-Semitism here in Marseille but perhaps from human stupidity! Every country has its positive points and we take these with us.  What is difficult can be the separation from the people close to us.”

“Ezra helped us with a lot of financial help and encouragement.  The sponsors make a good investment with Ezra because the administrative costs sometimes act as a brake on the aliyah process.  We are very grateful to Ezra’s representative, Maria, for her invaluable help.”

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