Raul and Carolina Y from Buenos Aires

Dec 15, 2022 | Argentina

“My name is Raúl, I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I’m making aliyah along with my wife Carolina and our children, Naomi and Ariel.  Aliyah means the possibility of continuing our lives in the Promised Land and together with the people to which we belong by origin and tradition.”

“Although it is a difficult decision that implies a profound change in our lives, we opt for the possibility of a better quality of life in economic, educational, social and security terms, under the protection and benefits provided by the State of Israel, for being part of the Jewish people.”

“Growing up, studying and being part of a country generates an internal feeling that is very difficult to erase. Leaving family, friends and places is one of the hardest things we will have to go through, but we embark on this new path with the illusion of being able to live a different life, with happiness, being part of a supportive and united society, with values ​​and rights of all, without discrimination.”

“We have never had serious problems regarding anti-Semitism, but we know that situations of this nature are always latent, at least uncomfortable.”

“I found out about Ezra in the WhatsApp groups of people who are in the same situation, I contacted them and they offered me financial help to cover the expenses of all the procedures of the aliyah process.”

“Finding support at the time of taking such important steps in life are highly valuable issues, which are not only achieved with gratitude. Without a doubt, these actions that they carry out in Ezra will remain forever in our memories.”

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