Micheal and Joeleide A from Sao Paulo

Oct 15, 2022 | Brazil

“My name is Micheal, I am from São Paulo, Brazil.  I am heading to Israel with my wife Joeleide and son Benjamin. Aliyah means a divine call, within the soul, to rise and live in Israel, to participate in the flourishing of the country.”

“Since I was 13 years old I always had this desire and we got in touch with the Jewish Agency. I hope to have a more spiritual life, strengthen ties with the Jewish people and Zionism, as I have suffered discrimination in terms of religion, and customs etc. I was disrespected for wearing kippah. The hardest thing in the process of leaving this country is family ties, but I want to raise our son in the ways of Torah.”

“I met Ezra through Eg lom’s lecture held in our synagogue on a Kabbalat Shabbat. Ezra helped us with the translation of numerous documents, reimbursement of expenses in the aliyah process, connections with families in Israel and our transport and luggage to the airport on the day of travel.”

“To the sponsors our gratitude, together we are in this divine project. And that they continue to carry out this mission that helps make dreams of many families come true.”

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