Yanina and Alejandro B from Buenos Aires

Jul 20, 2022 | Argentina

My name is Yanina, I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I am making aliyah with my husband, Alejandro, and daughter, Iara.  We come from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina – 3 Jews by birth with Jewish culture!”

“For us aliyah means being able to start a new life with a new project. The hardest thing to leave in this country is family, but we made the decision chatting many years ago and this year because of how bad things are in Argentina, it was time to leave.”

“About 3 years ago we dreamed of making aliyah and were looking for a new future.  Today and for the last few years in Argentina the backbone (SECURITY, HEALTH AND ECONOMY) has been in a tailspin, where we suffer psychologically due to mismanagement and thus not being able to project a healthy life today for our only daughter and those who will come in the future.”

“Basically the dream of every Jew is to make aliyah and live in Eretz Israel and thus be able to culminate a life full of peace and close to our roots. We already had problems of discrimination, so our hopes are also to be able to grow as individuals, families and economically live comfortably. Economically we are not up to certain expenses that opening an aliyah file generates today, that’s why we came to Ezra with a request for help.”

“We thank Ezra’s sponsors and wish many blessings!”

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