Sarah W from Sao Paulo

Apr 20, 2022 | Brazil

“My name is Sarah, I am from São Paulo, Brazil.  I am making aliyah with my daughter Eliane and son Leonardo.”

“Aliyah means an opportunity to restore life.  I made the decision to make aliyah when I exhausted all my strength to continue believing in Brazil. It’s been a while, but nothing changes, so I change.  My hope is to have a more just, dignified and quality life. I dream of living and resting in peace.”

“The most difficult thing in this process is the documentation part, which is absurd. The value they charge for each thing is superlative.”

“I met Ezra International through friends who were helped by this organization. Ezra International helped us financially in the very expensive phase of the process. When I approached Ezra we were in a very bad financial situation:  blocked accounts, no resources and depending on favours. Ezra was able to help with the expenses to finish the aliyah process.”

“I want to say to Ezra’s sponsors my total gratitude and recognition for everything they have done financially, and for Eglom´s logistical, emotional and spiritual support!”

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