Evgenii U from Brovary

Mar 5, 2022 | Ukraine

“Israel, for me, is a country of opportunities and I see my future only there! I am 23 years and have a higher technical education.  I tried to study well in school, and I think I have already achieved a lot.  It is difficult to get a job in my speciality as a design engineer here in Ukraine and the pay is very low.  A year ago, I got a job in a car repair shop as an electrician and began to do well and earn a living.  I do not need to depend on my parents financially any longer.  I have a younger brother and sister and it’s not always easy for my parents to provide everything for them.”

“I came to the point when I realized that there is no future for me in Ukraine.  I began to think about moving to another country, but which one?  Quite by chance I learned that young people with Jewish roots and education can go to Israel and continue their studies there.  I was very interested in this program and began to learn all I could.  I got fired up with the idea of continuing my education and my life in Israel.”

“I enrolled in this program, was tested, interviewed and accepted!  I know that this is a gift that gives me an amazing chance.  The next challenge for me was to collect my documents to pass the consular check and get a visa.  I had to work hard as there was very little time to find the documents for my Jewish grandmother.  Thankfully it all worked out.  I am grateful to Ezra for advice, help and support in every possible way.  Unfortunately, my parents do not want to go to Israel with me but by being able to prove my grandmother’s Jewishness I have opened the way to Israel for the whole family.  I will miss my family and I really hope my parents will decide to make aliyah.”

“Ezra helped me with advice and support.  They told me which archives to contact, how to do it etc.  Without this kind of help I would not have been able to collect the necessary documents so quickly.  They also paid for the police clearance certificate with an apostille and brought me to the airport.” 

“Many thanks for all the help, support and understanding.  I felt that I was not alone on this journey to achieve the goal of aliyah – which was new for me.  But thanks to you that goal has been achieved and I am going to Israel!”

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