Eder and Karen S from Sao Paulo

Feb 20, 2022 | Brazil

“My name is Eder Maciel, I am from São Paulo, Brazil.  I am making aliyah with my wife, Karen and son, Jonathan. We made the decision to make aliyah to provide a better quality of life for our family, because aliyah, for me, means this: better quality of life, new opportunities for our son, security, I’ve had anti-Semitism problems within my own family.”

“The hardest thing about leaving Brazil is missing the relatives who stay, but we hope to adapt quickly, give our son a good education, walk around safely, get to know the country of Israel as a family.”

“I found out about Ezra’s work through a referral from a colleague who is in the process of aliyah. Ezra helped us with the costs of obtaining our son’s citizenship.  I want to thank all the sponsors for their immeasurable support, I wish that they are always blessed to continue with this help project.”

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