Yuri and Yulia B from Novosibirsk

Jan 20, 2022 | Russia

“For my wife, Yulia, and I aliyah means a return to the historical homeland of our ancestors.  I have always been interested in Israel for its unusual (in comparison with other states) history, education, and laws.  Yulia and I met at a party given by mutual friends – I heard my inner voice saying that this is my destiny and we have not been parted since that day!”

“A couple of years ago a relative of mine left for Israel under the MASA program.  Yulia and I were constantly in touch with her, and she sent us photos and videos of Israel.  We were really impressed by her stories about her studies, her assimilation.  We decided to join her!  There was another factor that played a big role in our move.  I could not stay at my workplace for more than one month as I lost my job.  I am a chef by training, and I really love my job and always give my best.”

“{It is not difficult for us to leave Russia.  This move is easy for us.  We want to settle down there and we believe that our relatives will also join us in the not-too-distant future.”

“We met with Ezra International, we got to know each other and were told about the help they can give.  Finances for passports were provided, and PCR tests on the day of our departure.  Ezra also helped by bringing us and our luggage to the airport on departure day.”

“Thank you very much for your help. You have helped us in a difficult situation. Thank you for taking care of us.”

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