Yoram and Alexandra A from Paris

Dec 20, 2021 | France

Yoram and Alexandra made aliyah with their three children – Meir, Tsvi and Avigayil.  Yoram tells their story.

“After the doors of our post-quarantine homes opened, we wanted to do something to bring us closer to the life we wanted to have that had seemed long term to us before quarantine.  After quarantine I realized that life is now, not in 10 years’ time.  We contacted an organization which helped us to put our plans into action and supported us in all our questions – theoretical and practical.  Making aliyah is our personal choice in order to grow spiritually.”

“It is hard to separate from family and friends and to leave the culture in which we have been cradled since childhood. During the departure which seemed unmanageable to us with all the luggage, our 3 babies and our parents, Ezra France helped us to leave serenely, by arranging and paying for two vans to take us to the airport.   Great drivers took care of everything for us, the luggage, the trip, the arrival at the airport. In addition, Ezra also helped us by reimbursing the costs of administrative procedures.”

“Thank you very much, your help has been precious!  You have surrounded us with kindness, and encouragement before taking a leap of life!  It gives us confidence in human nature, in the world and life in general. To have financial assistance, and such a warm telephone reception, a lot of kindness and encouragement after a tedious administrative process and before an adventure that scares us a little, is more than appreciable, it gives us strength for the future.  We are sincerely grateful to you.”

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