Eduardo and Miriam G from Goiania

Nov 20, 2021 | Brazil

“My name is Eduardo, I am from Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil.  I am making aliyah with my wife Miriam and daughter Helena.  Aliyah means a fresh start and the realization of a dream.”

I decided to make aliyah after the birth of my daughter, and I am looking for a better quality of life for my family. I’ll miss my family who are still in Brazil, but I’m going in the hope of having more security, getting a good job, and having a quieter life.”

“A friend told me about the existence of Ezra, whom I want to thank for the opportunity.”

Eduardo studied at Yemin Orde school, returned to Brazil and always dreamed of graduating and settling with his family in Israel. His father was already gone. We helped with final documents and now when he had his entire process approved he was surprised by the pandemic. He had already left the company he worked for, given up his residence where he lived, and the few reserves he had kept were being consumed day by day. In desperation, he sought help from Ezra, and we were able to support them through the months of financial hardship.

With our support, Eduardo and his family were able to face and overcome the sad phase of the pandemic and make their aliyah.

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