Kirill and Olga B from Omsk

Jul 20, 2021 | Russia

“My parents live in Israel, so along with my wife Olga and son, Ilya, we decided we would go and join them.  For me aliyah is something new – I want something better or different.  I also see aliyah as the future for my son.”

“Once we arrive, we will go to Ulpan.  Olga is a master hairdresser and I’ve been a driver since I was 18 – we hope to continue in these areas. While we go to my parents, it’s difficult, especially for Olga, to leave her mother in Omsk.”

“Ezra International helped us with our travel expenses to the Consul and took us to the flight with our luggage.  They also helped my parents when they left a year ago. Many thanks for your help and support!”

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