Nicolás U from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jun 5, 2021 | Argentina

“My name is Nicolás, I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Aliyah means a great opportunity to change my life.  I decided to make Aliyah by talking to my sister (who lives in Israel). I am practically alone in Argentina and having the possibility of improving my life with my sister was the main reason for my decision.”

“It’s difficult to leave my grandmother, and ties with some people. But I will seek fulfillment of my dream, which is to live with the relatives that are there in Israel and in being more comfortable financially.”

“My sister told me about Ezra´s work, which helped me with financial aid in terms of documents and other things. Thank you very much to Ezra, the current situation in the country and also mine, are very difficult and this helps a lot.”

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