Elmira and Nukri I from Tbilisi

May 20, 2021 | Georgia

“The main reason we are making Aliyah is thanks to my Hebrew roots.  The second reason is that we are still young to try something new.  It’s not easy now, but it’s a chance to change our life and have a better future for our family.  We lack many things in Georgia and mostly our work is not appreciated.  We are surviving, not living.  There is no potential here to progress.  My son was born during a difficult 2020 and I’m not confident we can give him a good future in Georgia.  I know from my family members how Israel is a developed nation and looking out for its citizens.  We also know that our hard work will be appreciated more in Israel and that we can have better education there.  We also know that for our son, Daniel, as a new-born it will be easier for him to adapt and grow up as an Israeli!”

“Of course, I will miss my birthplace and the people around.  You have to experience how warm Georgian people are!  I will miss my relatives and friends who are an encouragement in our life.  It’s a really strange feeling when you start to put your past and present in a suitcase and move somewhere else.  It’s difficult.”

“We did not have to change many documents or translate them as most of my documents relating to my nationality are in Russian, so it was not a problem for us to renew them.  But we were required to have a Covid virus test and that was not easy money for my family to find.  We are so glad we had communicated with the Ezra representative and Ezra was able to cover those expenses before our flight.”

“All those who support Ezra’s work are heroes!!  You cannot imagine how helpful and encouraging it is when there are people there to help you in a time of need and making your life easier!  Thank you to everyone who is part of that.  This was a blessing for my family.”

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