Irma and Tamaz made Aliyah with their son, Temuri and daughter, Elene.  Irma tells their story:

“If I had known in 2008 that I had the chance to go to Israel I would have done that.  But, it’s never too late and after 10 months taking the steps towards this I’m finally going.  We made the decision as a family to change our life and to move forward.  We believe that Israel can be a blessing for us and vice versa.”

“The main reason to go to Israel is our children, but we are also going for ourselves.  We want our children to have a good education and understanding of life.  Here in Georgia, especially when you live in a small town, it’s difficult to achieve many things.  We want to give our children good food and clothes and a peaceful house and hope for the future.”

“My husband is disabled.  He has problems with his pelvis and nerves and is not able to move normally.  But he never stops!  He is very hard working and works long days in the field.  Sometimes, when it is not a harvest season, he goes to the capital to earn some money from building jobs.  We were so poor that my 16-year-old son was replacing his father in the construction work. I do my best in the house – I take care for the family food and the children’s education.  Every day was hard for us – but we survived.”

“Of course, not everything is easy about the move.  I will miss my second son who we hope will come in the summer of 2020.  I will also miss my relatives and family friends too.  It will be difficult for us not to see them and the places familiar to us in Georgia.”

“Ezra International gave us a huge helping hand.  We applied to the Embassy and we had to pay a lot for documents and didn’t know how we’d find the resources.  Then, one day, Ezra’s representatives appeared.  They visited us and helped us financially and we were able to cover our expenses.  It was a great encouragement for us and also for my son who will come later.”

“You are so good and give many people hope!  We personally thank you for your help to us.  You are fantastic!  Thank you very much.  Words don’t seem enough to express that thanks.  Also thank you to all those people who give money for this work.”

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