“I always have had the desire to live in my homeland but difficulties in life held me back – including health issues.  However, loneliness and health have both worsened.  My blindness does not allow me to live a full life.  I want now to be near my grandson – a year after his departure I started my process.”

“Ezra International has helped our family from start to finish.  When my grandson, Yefim went to study in Israel Ezra helped him with the authorities and collected documents.  I could not help as I am blind and hard of hearing.  A year after he left Ezra helped me to get my foreign passport and brought me to the Israeli Embassy for consular check.  I really wanted to live close to my dear sister who made Aliyah in 1996 – but sadly she died before I could get there.  My desire to leave died out for a while but Ezra did not leave me and encouraged me to make my Aliyah.  She continued to help me through the year – getting photos, visa opened etc.  I could not do anything alone.  I always heard and trusted the voice of Svetlana, Ezra’s representative.  The Jewish Agency was looking for a place for me in Israel to live.  Ezra then also brought me to the airport and handed me over to the Jewish Agency coordinator who accompanied me on the flight.” 

“Nothing held me back in Ukraine.  I’ve lived a very difficult life here and do not want to live my last days of life in this country. Thank you very much for all your help – I bow with respect to all of you who participated in my Aliyah process!

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