“My name is Helena and I’m making Aliyah with my husband, Luiz, daughter, Thayanni, and son, Theo. We are from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil”.
“Aliyah, for us, means a fresh start! We have high expectations of improvement in our quality of life. We want to be closer to our Jewish heritage, following the example of my grandmother. Our older son and daughter-in-law are already in Israel. In Brazil, we experienced problems with racial discrimination (anti-Semitism) in schools, universities and, especially, at work. We want to get to know the Holy land. We hope to grow, live and grow old in Eretz Israel – with much joy and many achievements”.
“Here we are living in a very bad financial situation! We are plagued by unemployment and low pay. We are unable to live with dignity and autonomy and we are unable to exploit our productive and creative potential. We are also unable to perform some mitzvot”. The most difficult thing about leaving Brazil is leaving our son and daughter-in-law who will stay here with other family members and friends. I will also miss some ‘things’ that are part of our history.
“The Jewish Agency referred us to Ezra International because of the financial difficulties we are facing regarding the payment of various document fees and other expenses necessary for the Aliyah process. I want to tell the people of Ezra that they will surely be doubly blessed – because the good they are doing cannot be translated into words”.

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