“My name is Ruth, I’m from São Paulo, Brazil.”

“Aliyah means my return home. To make aliyah is much more than to live in Israel, it means to be Jewish, in a JEWISH COUNTRY. I am going alone in a new stage of my life; returning to the roots of our patriarchs. I hope to live Judaism to the full, and to contribute as much as possible.”

“I received informations about Ezra from a friend who made aliyah in March this year. The Ezra representative was very attentive and informed me about the reimbursement of all office fees, and also helped me with the transfer to the airport on the day of departure. It was very important, because the biggest difficulty is the process itself, document costs, and also the expectation.”

“Thank you very much for your precious help. May the Holy One, Blessed be He, bless and repay you.”

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