Irina and Sergei made Aliyah along with their daughter Eva. Eva has a number of serious health issues and the family are hoping for better health care in Israel. Volunteers from a local church brought the family from their village of Stefanova to the airport in Varna – a journey of 1.5 hours. The family had a large amount of luggage due to many medical supplies for Eva. They are Ezra International’s first Olim from Bulgaria and they made Aliyah on 27 January 2019. Irina tells their story:

“Aliyah, for us, is moving to Israel as citizens of that country. We want to be citizens of Israel and this has been my dream since childhood. My husband is in full solidarity with me on this and we respect and admire the Jewish nation. We are dreaming of a happy future for ourselves and our daughter and we believe and hope that we will be useful to our new country. The hardest part of leaving for us so far has been sorting our things and packing them”!!

“We were helped by Irina (Ezra’s volunteer representative) – this wonderful, sensitive girl fully supported us, gave us consultation and help with carrying our impressive amount of luggage and also paying for some extra luggage. When we read messages from Irina about the fact that she was concerned for us and would help us, my husband and I looked at one another open mouthed with the question – does this really happen?”

“Thank you very, very much for your help. We don’t have the words to express our immense feelings of gratitude and we believe that you are worthy of more than our mere words! May all your goodness return to you a thousand fold! Thank you!”

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