Aleksandr and Yulia made Aliyah with their son, Timofei. Aleksandr tells their story

“I didn’t know that our family had Jewish roots. Two years ago, Yulia, by accident, found the birth certificate of my grandmother Rosa Moiseyevna [daughter of Moses]. Our family thought we were all Tatars because of my father, he is a Tatar and Tatar was written as nationality in my passport. My grandmother carefully concealed her Jewish origins. For us to discover after so many years that my family has Jewish roots is a huge miracle!!”

“The very first thing we will do is learn the language for 6 months. It is very important for us to master Hebrew, because my wife-Yulia, will defend her doctor’s diploma, and I dream of starting my own business. I’m already helping to build my business plan. My son Timofei will go to the first class. Of course, we still dream that our mother, uncle and brother and family join us.”

“We were very worried about how to get to the airport with all our luggage. In the Jewish Agency they said that Ezra can help us in this. It was unexpected for us, and our bags were also packed [with secure tape].”

“The most difficult part in this process is leaving our relatives. Our mothers cry so much, already now it hurts my heart.”

“For our family this has been a huge help and support. Thank you very much, we want to keep in touch with you!”

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