Lyubov made Aliyah recently from Crimea. She tells her story:

Since 2014 my daughter and two of my grandchildren have lived in Israel. In the same year, seven months later, my husband died. Now I have no relatives left here except my nephew. On top of that, two months ago I suffered a stroke. Praise God for my friends and nephew who have been very helpful, but they can’t always be near me. So my daughter came here from Israel to take me home with her.

I did think about making Aliyah right after my husband’s death but did not want to burden my daughter and her family. Things are not so easy for them – they both work in a factory and don’t have big salaries. After my stroke there didn’t seem to be any other option than moving to my daughter.

My daughter encourages me that everything will be fine; that there’s a completely different level of medical care in Israel and that I will quickly recover being surrounded by those closest to me. I want to be in a position to help my daughter and grandchildren. The main thing is that we will be together.

Thank you very much, you helped my daughter four years ago, now you help me too. Thank you for your care and attention. It makes things much easier when you realize that we are not alone in our difficulties and experiences. Praise God for you.

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