“This is a bit of my Aliyah journey I’d like to share with you. My name is Vanina. I am making Aliyah with my son, Netanel, and my daughter, Naomi. We love Israel! In fact, I am toshav chozer because we are returning to the place they were born and to where we all belong. My children have been asking to go back and I too, since a long time I want to return.”

“Back in 2005 I made Aliyah with my ex-husband and two years after our arrival in Israel our son was born. The next year after that, my daughter was born. She is fourteen years old and he is 15, Thanks God.”

“In Israel, when my son was only two months old, he had cancer and that was the time our hard times and struggles began starting with surgeries and several treatments for him and even the Healthcare System directed us to France for further cancer treatment.”

“Life was extremely hard for us during those times especially without any of our family living close by. Although some of them came to help us. Because of our situation, I had to stop working for four years as my main focus was to care of my son and my daughter.”

“After he was healed, thanks be to God, we decided to travel back to Argentina. My children were still young, and we wanted to be with our family.”

“I remember this was such a very hard experience for us, and during that time we did not have much access to internet or social media to be able to ask for help as people do today; although it was an organization called Ezer Mision, which helps people who suffer cancer and they helped us much.”

“Then it was the time when someone mentioned Ezra and recommended them to us, and I made the step to contact them. Since then, we have been assisted by them and received help we so much needed, including costs covering paperwork that was required from us during our Aliyah process.”

“Today the three of us want to start again with what one day we began and fight to have a better future in this land that we so much love and gave us all so much. Thank you so much for so much help and please keep on helping people as there are many who need it. Thank you.”

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