“I graduated from school and, like other guys, started to work and live my own life.  But time goes by and looking around I saw that nothing is changing.  I live in a small city, Gori, and there’s nothing interesting for me here – every day is the same routine over and over.  While I am still young and can achieve my dreams, I want to overcome this routine.  I know that in Israel I can become and do things that I couldn’t do or achieve here in Georgia.  My work should make me happy and not turn me into a slave!  I want to earn enough to be able to help my parents and I’d also like to travel.  I really feel sad because of my parents.  I will miss them very much and hope they can join me later.  I also feel quite alone now – until I make some friends in Israel it will be a difficult time for me.”

“I had a lot of documents to renew.  Almost all of them are in Georgian and had to be translated and certified.  There are different types of certifications and Ezra explained all this to me.  As I finished my part, they also helped to cover the expenses.  This is a long process with many formalities and Ezra took their responsibility to give me help in my repatriation – it encouraged me a lot!”

“Thank you very much to all who sacrifice their time and finances.  It was a big, big help and blessing for me!”

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