My name is Sérgio from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am making Aliyah with my mother Elza.

“Aliyah to me means to revive anew. I decided to make Aliyah after having no more expectations in Brazil. Israel offers a very high standard of living for my mother and me. We hope to live safely, have opportunities and a quality of life.”

“It is difficult to leave friends and relatives. I also struggled with the bureaucracy of the Jewish Agency, and the cost of the Aliyah process.”

“I heard about Ezra through friends and the Jewish Agency. We received financial help, logistics, connections with families and authorities in Israel and emotional help in this pre-Aliyah period.  I live with my mother, but she is in poor health. We even planned to travel before, but I was unemployed, and there were many expenses for me and my mother’s health. We had many difficulties in gathering all the documents required by the Jewish Agency and the consulate. Finally, through the Jewish Agency, Ezra came to us identifying our needs, and they were able to support us financially. This resulted in the completion of all the documentation of the family process and the trip to Israel.”

“My thanks to the sponsors for their support in this critical, difficult moment, which made our dream come true. May this NGO continue this giant work for our community around the world.”

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