Elizabeth and Rafael M from Santa Fe

Apr 20, 2021 | Argentina

“My name is Elizabeth.  I am married to Rafael and we have 4 children – 3 boys (Ezequiel, Uziel and Ariel) and 1 girl (Shirel).  We are from Santa Fé, Argentina.”

“Aliyah means living in our country, and having a better future for our children and ourselves. It is difficult to leave our family, the affections, but I decided to make aliyah together with my husband, to have a better future, better education, and a better health system. Our dream is to adapt and grow in Torah.”

“I found out about Ezra International from an olim whatsapp group. Ezra helped us financially in legalizations and apostilles. I thank Ezra very much, and I hope you continue to help many more people.”

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