Khamlet and Samira I from Baku

Mar 20, 2021 | Azerbaijan

“We consider that making Aliyah is important.  If we didn’t think so we would not be leaving here!”

“Here it’s difficult with work.  I worked as a tour operator in Turkey.  After the introduction of quarantine due to the pandemic I had to leave everything and return to Azerbaijan.  And here, unfortunately, the situation was even worse.  I have been sitting without a job since March of last year.  It’s very difficult to find a job here, and it’s getting worse.  So, we decided to make our Aliyah to live and work in Israel.  We are hoping that with God’s help everything will be okay.  Of course, it’s a little hard to say goodbye to our friends and relatives but other than that nothing holds us here in Azerbaijan.”

Ezra International helped us with consultation, in getting our foreign passports, health certificates and transport to the airport.  We want to thank you for your help.  Thank you very much.  We wish you success and happiness.”

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