Tinatin made Aliyah along with her husband Tengiz and daughter Liza.

“All I know about Israel is from my Mom and it became a little dream that my family and I could become a part of that country.  We have a small child and as we are young and able to work hard, we decided to build a new life in Israel.  It is such a promising and developed country.  We decided to give our only child a brighter life there.  So, one day I decided to collect all my old documents and start the Aliyah process.  I think our dreams can come true in the Holy Land and I believe Israel can give us happiness and joy in our life.”

“When I can’t see my friends and relatives for some months, I get very sad so you can imagine how hard it is for me to leave.  In Georgia we are a very warm people and relationships between relatives in Georgia is a different world!  It’s very hard to say goodbye to them and I’ll also miss my yard where I grew up.”

“Because of COVID there are some restrictions when it comes to renewing documents and not everything works like it did before. And recently our incomes weren’t enough to cover all the expenses.  From the very first contact with Ezra we were blessed because they gave us advice on what documents we had to prepare.  If it was not for that conversation, we could have spent a lot on unnecessary documents. After that we met and were helped with finances to cover translations, apostilles and notary fees.”

“We are very thankful for all the work you have done for us.  If it was not for Ezra, we would have had unnecessary expenses.  Thank you that you do this kind work – it was a great blessing to our family.”

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