“My husband and I are both purebred Jews.  I am now 80 years old and he is 9 years older than me.  He will turn 90 this year!  This year will also be a special anniversary of our life together – we have been married for 60 years!  We live modestly.  We had no savings or expensive things – like a car – but there was always love and mutual understanding.  We never travelled – there was never the opportunity.  We went through difficulties together and rejoiced together and were always happy.  My husband worked as a Physics and Mathematics teacher all his life and I was a librarian.  We have an adult daughter, two grandchildren and a great-granddaughter.”

“Our daughter and grandchildren were the first to make Aliyah. My daughter’s husband died, and it became very difficult for her to live in Ukraine – this prompted her to make Aliyah.  They really like it in Israel.  Our daughter has a good job – has enough to live on and she also has the opportunity to help her daughter with the baby.”

“After she left my husband and I were alone in Ukraine.  We stayed here because we did not want to be a burden to the children but now, we see we can no longer live independently.  Our daughter wants to take care of us.  This became an incentive to leave and go to a distant country.  We know that Israel is our historical homeland, but we are still anxious and scared.  Despite that I know that it will be better there.  Our daughter does not want to return to Ukraine.  She loves Israel and we will love it too.  We want to have good medical care.  We are happy that we will live by the sea.  We dream of going for walks every morning and breathing in the sea air.  We have missed our children, grandchildren and now we will all be together.”

“When the war started, I was 1 year old.  I was evacuated along with my Mom and other relatives.  My father died at the front.  We managed to survive.  My husband was 10 years old during the war.  He was sent to relatives in Russia on vacation and the war began.  His whole family died in Babi Yar and – by a miracle – he survived.  Of course, some people didn’t like us all our lives because we are Jews, but we lived modestly and tried to be kind to everyone.  Maybe because of this we have lived a long life and also received a reward – to live in Israel!”

“Ezra helped us with the registration of passports and with the consular check.  They treated us very well.  They also took us to the airport and helped with our luggage.  We give you our heartfelt thanks and respect.  Your help was a tremendous support and joy to us.  We did not expect that in the midst of this cruel world there are still such extraordinary people like you!  We wish you well!”

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