Thanks to Irina’s Jewish roots that stem from her Ukrainian grandmother, she is able to make Aliyah. She said she is very happy about that.

Irina said: “You know if it wasn’t for Ezra, I really don’t know how I would have done everything. I had the visa in my hands but needed to translate a lot more documents and have them certified by a Notary. I didn’t have enough money for that. Ezra was like a miracle in my Aliyah process and the help they gave was huge, a really huge thing. At the same time my daughters are flying to Israel and one of them is pregnant – in her last week of pregnancy. She also needed help to certify all the documents from the clinic/hospital. You can’t imagine how happy we are. That people came alongside us to show us the way! The Ezra team became a close partner for us to cover the expenses we had. I’m very happy and have no words … God bless you for your beautiful work.”

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